About Us

Flying Persian Carpets South Africa is a family owned business. All of our carpets have been carefully selected and imported exclusively from Iran (Persia) to South Africa. We bring you half a century’s worth of invaluable experience in the weaving industry through our state of the art Iranian carpet manufacturing company.

Our carpet manufacturers are all about excellence and are pioneers of machine made carpets, using the latest cutting-edge technology to produce both timeless classic Persian carpet designs inspired by the old Masters. They also produce contemporary works of art and fashionable innovations of superb beauty and quality.

Delivering a product that benefits from the capability of the latest state of the art machinery technology, inspired by traditional designs of Persian rugs.


Our vision is to maintain and build up the business by providing excellent personalized services and high quality products.

We aspire to become a sought after supplier appealing to broad cross-section of the community.

Our mission is to work cooperatively with our customers  and to ensure that they receive the highest quality products and services and to create a sense of worth and dignity for all.

Your Flying Persian Carpets Team.